About me

The Story of My Experiments with Wealth

As a graduate of IIM Ahmedabad I  was part of India’s capital markets where I headed India’s largest equity-derivatives and algorithmic trading desk and had the opportunity to understand the functioning of markets across the world. However, several burning questions, and a one-day visit to Gandhi Ashram ended up changing the course of my life. In the 4 years that I spent at the Ashram and its associated communities I sought an alignment with my value system. Various experiments in economics such as the Seva Cafe and Moved By Love allowed me  to deepen my understanding of wealth.

Since 2014 I have been working on an intention called ‘Sacred Capital’. As a platform for 'Asset Curation' we use technology to help people build wealth that is reflective of who they are. 
You can read about our approach on the website, or view this video.