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As mentioned earlier, I tend to look at my life as an experiment, and what I do is constantly emerging and regenerating. For now, here's a brief introduction that people use to describe what I do.

A graduate of IIM-Ahmedabad, Siddharth previously worked in the capital markets where he headed India's largest equity derivatives trading desk and was a regular feature on television channels. However, a one-day visit to Gandhi Ashram ended up changing the entire course of his life and he is now focused on "Being the Change".

The last three years have seen him volunteering at the Ashram where he served with various urban and rural communities and also co-ordinated the Seva Cafe, a Gift Economy Restaurant in the heart of Ahmedabad. Various transformational moments have led him and a few others to initiate an incubator that facilitates designs for Generosity - known as Moved By Love. The collective intention is to support a cultural shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community and scarcity to abundance. More recently, he has been applying these shifts in his own context - through an understanding of the interplay between Capital, Currencies and Communities.

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