Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Cube of Compassion

For the 2012 Kala Ghoda Arts festival in Mumbai, Shital Mehta and a few of her young friends got together to dedicate an installation to little acts of kindness that flow from compassion in our hearts.
Children from diverse backgrounds - from the slums of Mumbai to the most reputed private schools got together to construct the 'Cube of Compassion'. Apart from that, for three months prior to the festival they decided to perform acts of kindness themselves based on what they drew from the Smile Deck. Their intention was to experience the transformation of kindness themselves before they could speak about it in the festival. They even wrote out their experiences and shared them on the walls of the Cube, encouraging others to do the same.

And they didn't stop there - the children hand painted over 200 used plastic bottles to give out 'Akshaypatras' to everyone they interacted with.
It was beautiful to watch the expressions on Mumbai citizens' faces when they saw little children explain their own experiences, learnings and internal transformation over the last three months. Truly representing the saying - 'The fragrance of the rose, remains in the hands of the giver'.

Love all, Share all.

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