Monday, April 9, 2012

The Highwaymen at Seva Cafe :)

Seva Cafe was recently featured on a popular Travel show in India- 'Highway on my Plate'. That's right - Rocky and Mayur dropped by at the Cafe while they were in Ahmedabad to volunteer for the evening :)
It was great to see them put on their aprons and serve Sev Puri, Pulao and Gajar ka Halwa to some of the fans from their show! And here's what the foodies had to say -

"Its not just about the fabulous food- but the realization that it is all about Love; There is something wonderful about the ability to be able to really give; not just money, of your time, of your love, places like Seva Cafe encourage people to find this goodness and share it with the world". 
Watch the video here! 

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