Friday, February 24, 2012

An evening with the 'Sevaks'

Hum Sab Seva Café ke Sevak!

The evening of 23rd February 2012 at Seva Cafe was dedicated to our family of core volunteers - the 'Sevaks'. 15 of us got together in our Seva Cafe Tshirts and decided not only to serve, but also share our experiences with each other. At the end of the night everyone formed a  a circle to discuss their favourite role and how Seva Cafe could be made more of a community activity. It was beautiful to see how all the volunteers from diverse backgrounds and ages came together with love in their hearts for the space. 

Raghu then spoke about challenges in the kitchen while Lahar opened her heart and spoke about working with volunteer schedules. Harsh touched us all with the passage he wrote the day before on what Seva Cafe has meant to him for the last year and a half. Devika even showed us a sketch of the Seva Cafe family at work.

The night was made even more special with the Doordarshan team dropping in to document an evening at Seva Cafe as part of the Surya-Kiran series. Their effort was to showcase inspiring activites across the country. Initially we were a bit hesitant, but we soon realized this was a beautiful opportunity to share our work. What is always more important is the thought behind Seva Cafe - and this was a chance for us to flow our thought. It may manifest itself in another form in another part of the globe, but it was our duty to share. And so the 'Sevaks' faced the camera in groups and spoke about their favourite volunteering experiences.

It truly felt like a family in Ahmedabad that night, our home away from home. 

~ Living is Giving ~

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