Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Andrew Cohen at Seva Cafe


As a space, Seva Cafe has been fortunate to be hosting quite a few speakers over the last few weeks! As always it has been our intention to share their inspiring journies behind the people as opposed to their accomplishments. In this process of sharing, we often find that diverse thoughts come together to give forth an understanding of one another.
We were grateful to continue this trend to host a renowned author, spiritual seeker and inspiration - Andrew Cohen at Seva Cafe last Sunday. After all that you hear about his accomplishments and fame, the one thing that you do notice about him is his clear, strong and well defined presence. It is a presence that draws you in and lifts you up - constantly reminding us of our dedication to service.
Over a traditional Gujarati meal prepared by volunteers, we shared how the experiment of Seva Cafe began, small stories over the last 6 years and how we aspire to see the thought, and not only the cafe manifest wherever possible.  'Spirituality in Practice' is what he termed it!
It was followed up immediately with an informal QnA session, with questions ranging from meditation for the youth, to doubts in our Sadhna and in our journey. As the microphone was passed around, you could see how the speaker's presence had once again lifted all those around him. Finally, at 10pm, we were forced to cut short the session, but as each guest left, you could see they would carry little seeds wherever they went.


At the end of the night, as some volunteers handed out a few Wisdom Crafts gifts to Andrew with an intention of voicing their gratitude. But before they could say anything, they were told that the 'Sevaks' at Seva Cafe were a true inspiration to him instead.
May we all continue trusting, and offering our faith in service to all around us.

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