Thursday, December 13, 2012

Listen to your heart


Just a few days ago, Deven and Shalini, an every day couple from the city of Mumbai made the jump to open the doors to their home after a three day retreat in Ahmedabad. Their intention, was to host Awakin Wednesday's in their living room after toying with the idea for years. And host they did - from cooking a three course meal, complete with a Gajar halwa cake, to their daughter Simran who welcomed us with a little poster she drew herself! 

We could feel ourselves dissolve in the stillness, as the voices of the children outside in the playground dimmed with the setting sun and the circle gave rise to beautiful emergence. Shalini shared how she connected with a boy from the street over a pastry, while Aparna felt like she was taken back to Madhu and Meghna's home in Ahmedabad. Deven was so moved he said would like to return to Ahmedabad, but this time to serve at the retreat! But what blew us all away was what Vishal ended the circle with:

"I've never heard my heart beat before. As I sat in silence for the last hour, I was taken back to the last time when I listened to my heart. When I gave up the comfort of a mechanical life to pursue my dream of teaching people how to deal with their money. It is in moments like these that I gain conviction for my way forward."

Gratitude for being able to listen to my heart and to be part of gatherings like this :) Something tells me this is going to be a very popular 'Temple of Kindness'


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